Slice of life: From my “Home Place”

There is a “Home Place” every person knows. In New Mexico there are seven life zones. There is the desert and then up to the short grass prairie. You then continue your climb until you ascend the high Southern Rocky Mountains. My Home Place” can be seen from all these zones as it sits in the Mesa country of Northeastern part of this Land of Enchantment.

This is the region my ancestors chose and it was what I inherited. Perhaps to these Bask surnamed Peoples it meant finally reaching a “Home Place” from their long past. On a map of the world this frontier lies in a close latitude in Spain. Around the earth other pastoral people settled in a similar temperate zone, such as the Gaucho of the  Pampas.

They are “People of the Land.” My people lived an Agro-pastoral lifestyle and I was molded into this way as them. During my life I have lived away by forces of a modern world. My government took me all around the world, Germany and then to Southeast Asia and back during the early 1970’s. In getting educated again I went away to San Antonio, Denver and back to Albuquerque where I had grown up.

I came back a changed young person. Deep inside the view of my true “Home Place” was never erased but laid in wait. What I had learned in my life I used in my world experiences to survive. My Nuevo Mejicano traditional cultural raising I attribute to my adapting to face the outside away from my “Home Place.” My ancestors adapted to those turbulent years on the frontier. They faced the danger and the adventure to get to what meant finding a “Home Place.” To be continued.